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A new generation of products: Jump to tomorrow’s access control design standard and ensure that both your building’s security and visual appeal are taken to a new level. Welcome to SALTO. Welcome to a new design concept. 

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Technologically state of the art, the XS4 Mini covers your needs today and future needs tomorrow.

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Top security is more than mere product robustness, and the XS4 Mini proves the point.



Stylish design is a SALTO trademark. With the XS4 Mini, we raise the bar on this already high standard thanks to the XS4 Mini’s small, discreet size combined with a modern, clean LED aesthetic. The XS4 Mini’s smart compactness simplifies installation in virtually any kind of door, complementing any type of atmosphere.

user centered design


The XS4 Mini has at its foundation countless hours dedicated to studying how users really use access control. For example the new LED was developed to make it easier to see door status. And deeper inside, the antenna was redesigned so that it reads credentials faster than ever and covers the entire area above the handle so that no one has to guess where to present the credential. 

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The XS4 Mini’s sleek plastic reader is available in two colours, and under the cover is the Mini’s steel-reinforced frame which provides superior structural integrity. And to make it even easier, the XS4 Mini comes with a wide choice of functional and stylish handles suitable for use on any type of door.

salto full compability


SALTO XS4 Mini is 100% compatible with the genuinely pioneering SALTO Virtual Network and with SALTO Wireless Network, as well as of course with the full range of SALTO hardware. The XS4 Mini brings to your property the solution 



Significantly more advanced than any other electronic lock on the market, for the XS4 Mini we have employed the latest electronics technology to ensure that your new electronic escutcheon allows you to keep up with the constant output of technological advances. With a much faster microprocessor, 4x greater memory, and exquisitely designed electronics, the XS4 Mini is an innovative marvel.



Life is increasingly connected in so many areas and the XS4 Mini keeps up and more with this reality.  The XS4 Mini is not just a wireless lock; it is bidirectional at its very essence and has been designed to have maximum connectivity with different types of credentials, types of RFID technology, as well as with other advanced technologies such as NFC.  And the innovations continue even to the programming side -- the XS4 Mini uses a wireless Portable Programmer Device (PPD) that communicates with the XS4 Mini via NFC. That the XS4 Mini can also be integrated into other access control systems rounds out the case:  the XS4 Mini is your connected lock. 

highest certifications


With SALTO, rest assured that all our solutions are fully compliant with all the latest regulations for a safe and healthy environment. SALTO solutions have been designed and manufactured to meet not only your current requirements, but our solutions also scale easily to keep pace with your future needs too. Our technological platform ensures your investment today will keep paying off in future. 

total security


The time has finally come to completely forget about mechanical keys. The XS4 Mini is the lock that permits you to easily upgrade from a mechanical locking system to our modern electronic system. Installing the XS4 Mini couldn’t be simpler -- just remove the existing handle set and install. No complicated retrofit required.  And with the XS4 Mini’s affordable pricing, it is even easier to convert all your doors into smart doors for first time. Protect people and property 24/7. 



The XS4 Mini’s design for straightforward installation also results in increased levels of security and control because doors maintain their integrity. The XS4 Mini is built in two halves that are fitted together by two long screws. Thanks to this ingenious new no-drill hardware, doors can maintain their fire certificates because no additional drilling, or alterations to the door, are needed.  


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Your door 3d simulator

Using a bit of augmented reality, we can offer you a virtual preview of the XS4 Mini product range to see how the XS4 Mini will look on your door. Just download the XS4 Mini App (iOs, Android) to your phone or tablet and preview how the different models will look in your installation. 

360º View


Tech Specs

The XS4 Mini’s smart compactness simplifies installation in virtually any kind of door, complementing any type of atmosphere.






Height: 127 mm
Width: 58.5 mm
Depth: 22.5 mm
Weight: 550 g



We’re driven by innovation. Guided by our insights into customer needs, we deliver industry-leading, next-generation electronic locking solutions without wires and without mechanical keys. By continually being first to anticipate market needs in a rapidly evolving marketplace, we set new standards in security, manageability and scalability. 

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